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About the Foundation

The San Juan Clean Energy Foundation is a part of Energy Fuels Inc.’s long-term commitment to improve the quality of life for those living in San Juan County and help the region reach its full potential. The Foundation was established to support existing programs or help launch new initiatives and projects that will advance education, health/wellness, environment and economic development in the City of Blanding, Monticello, Bluff, White Mesa Ute community, Navajo Nation and other nearby communities.

Supporting the County

San Juan County’s high rate of poverty has impacted its long-term social and economic health and its ability to develop a thriving, more stable economy. The recent census also indicates that San Juan County is the only county in Utah that did not exhibit a growth trajectory in terms of population. Energy Fuels owns and operates the White Mesa Mill, near Blanding, which is one of the largest private employers in San Juan County. The Mill has an incredible future in the production of critical raw materials needed for the clean energy revolution. As such, Energy Fuels is committed to reinvesting in the local community and sharing the benefits of the Mill’s advancements to positively impact the lives of the region’s residents. Energy Fuels understands the local desire to keep the balance between preserving the culture and small-town feel, while helping to jumpstart community and economic developments.

Examples of Initiatives we may consider:

Initiatives we will not consider:

Eligibility Requirements

San Juan Clean Energy Foundation will accept and consider proposals from organizations and programs that serve San Juan County. All applicants must address the relevance and impact on people living within the county. Applicants must only submit one application in response to this request for proposals. In cases where two or more organizations are partnering on a program or project, one proposal should be submitted on behalf of the partnership. Our community-based Advisory Board meets once per quarter to review the submissions and will consider applications that are submitted up to 1-week prior to each meeting. Our meeting dates for 2024 are January 22, April 8, July 15 and October 14.

Apply for Funding

Our Mission

To make positive impacts on those who live in San Juan County by investing dollars in education, environment, health/wellness, and economic advancement efforts.

Our Vision

A future where all San Juan County community members thrive and work together with community partners to promote and enable success for all.