About Us

Our team works with local community members to strategically select and fund beneficial, high-impact initiatives in San Juan County, Utah.

Our Story

San Juan County, Utah is one of the most economically challenged regions in the U.S. The county is home to Energy Fuels’ White Mesa Mill, which is one of the largest private employers in the county. Energy Fuels has long been a major contributor to not only the employment base of the community, but also for the well-being and prosperity of this region. The processing of rare earth elements at the White Mesa Mill, in addition to the processing and recycling uranium and vanadium, are amazing opportunities to improve the local economy, as electric vehicles, renewable energy systems, nuclear energy, and other clean energy and advanced technologies are in high demand.

In 2021, Energy Fuels created the San Juan County Clean Energy Foundation to invest in, and further commit to, the San Juan County community by supporting and catalyzing sustainable economic and community development, beyond good jobs, economic activity, and tax revenues. The company believes that communities that surround the White Mesa Mill deserve to share in the benefits of the Mill’s clean energy future. As San Juan County becomes a critical minerals hub for the U.S., the Foundation is an impactful way to improve the quality of life for everyone.

The Foundation team meets with local community members to understand and identify ways to strategically support the local communities. To ensure that the Foundation’s contributions are well-planned and correspond to the specific needs and aspirations of communities, the Foundation has a community-based Advisory Board to help it determine the best allocations for funds. The Foundation has a keen understanding of the local desire to maintain the balance between preserving local culture and small-town feel, while helping to jumpstart community initiatives and economic opportunity.

The Foundation was seeded with $1 million from Energy Fuels in 2021, and the company has committed to donating 1% of the White Mesa Mill’s revenues to the Foundation each year.

Our Mission

To make positive impacts on those who live in San Juan County by investing dollars in education, environment, health/wellness, and economic advancement efforts.

Our Vision

A future where all San Juan County community members thrive and work together with community partners to promote and enable success for all.

Success Stories

AIS PREP is a free educational preparatory program for Native American youth provided by American Indian Services that has proven to raise test scores and assists students to be ready and pursue advanced high school courses.
FIELDS is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of Native American students founded in 2013 by Doyle and Pauline Anderson with its mission to cultivate Native American self reliance, leadership and prosperity.
Foundation for Indigenous Education, Leadership, Development and Sustainability (FIELDS)
Energy Fuels is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, and has several operations in San Juan County, UT, including the White Mesa Mill.
Friends of Arches and Canyonlands

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