Grants & Funding

We provide grants to support organizations in San Juan County, Utah in five core areas in an effort to support and strengthen the region today and for years to come.

Funding Overview

The San Juan County Clean Energy Foundation supports existing programs and helps launch new initiatives and projects that will advance education, health/wellness, environment, economic development, and Tribal initiatives in San Juan County, Utah. Applications are accepted for grant funding that primarily serve the communities within the county. Programs with a broader geographic focus may apply. However, the application must address the program’s relevance to and/or impact on people residing in the county.

Our Funding Focus Areas


  • Academic and extracurricular programs in San Juan County
  • Programs that help advance those from the Native American communities


  • Efforts to improve and care for local parks, open space, and other public lands
  • Environmentally responsible waste management in the County
  • Protection and improvement of local water resources

Health & Wellness

  • Programs that advance health, wellness, and preventive care for communities struggling to access healthcare
  • Initiatives that support eldercare

Economic Advancement

  • Efforts that lead to family-sustaining jobs not tied to tourism, while filling gaps in Federal- and State-funded programs
  • Affordable daycare and childcare support allowing local workforce to return to jobs and provide for their households
  • Assistance with construction and/or renovation of shared community spaces
  • Multi-modal and/or public transportation efforts that would help connect San Juan County

Indigenous Initiatives

  • Programs that support and promote cultural awareness
  • Educational efforts that help elevate Native communities
  • Programs that offer supplemental healthcare services that are lacking in the County

Success Stories

AIS PREP is a free educational preparatory program for Native American youth provided by American Indian Services that has proven to raise test scores and assists students to be ready and pursue advanced high school courses.
FIELDS is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of Native American students founded in 2013 by Doyle and Pauline Anderson with its mission to cultivate Native American self reliance, leadership and prosperity.
Foundation for Indigenous Education, Leadership, Development and Sustainability (FIELDS)
Energy Fuels is headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, and has several operations in San Juan County, UT, including the White Mesa Mill.
Friends of Arches and Canyonlands

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for a San Juan County Clean Energy Foundation grant:


Organizations need to provide programs or services that primarily serve San Juan County, Utah. Programs with a broader geographic focus may apply. However, the application must address the program’s relevance to and/or impact on people living within the county.


Programs or projects need to align with our focus areas: Education, Environmental, Health & Wellness, Economic Advancement, and Tribal Initiatives.


Organizations need to have a 501(c)(3) status (or Tribal equivalent). Grant requests need to be for a specific program or project, general operating support, or capital campaign. Scholarships for individual students will be considered.

We look for the following in a grant request:


The project or program is strongly aligned with our focus areas.


Our goal is to invest in programs that benefit the livelihoods of those living in San Juan County. Therefore, we look for programs or projects with a high level of effectiveness and impact.


The program or project will have a significant impact in the San Juan County community. Grant applications should demonstrate a strategic, high impact and clear evaluation plan with specific measurable results that will be reported periodically and at the end of the grant period.


The program or project is evidence-based, studied, and/or has proven to be effective. The Foundation will likely request progress reports or other evidence of efficacy.

Initiatives we will not consider:

How to apply:


If your request is a solid fit with our eligibility criteria and guidelines, please APPLY NOW and follow the instructions to submit your proposal.


After you submit your proposal, you will receive an email confirmation. Your inquiry will be reviewed by a team member, who may reach out for additional information. Applications will be considered on a quarterly basis, unless more urgent action is warranted.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I access the grants portal?

You can access the grants portal here.

Do you provide grants to individuals?

Grantees need to be a nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) status or Tribal government equivalent.

What are the application deadlines?

We do not have specific deadlines, so please apply anytime. Note that our board of trustees will review applications quarterly.

Do I need to turn in reports?

If you are awarded funding, we will likely require status reports monthly or quarterly during project implementation and a final report following the end of the funding period. All reporting requirements are outlined in the funding agreement and can be submitted using the grants portal.

Tell Us About Your Project

For consideration, please apply today, so together we can make a positive impact on San Juan County.