Foundation for Indigenous Education, Leadership, Development and Sustainability (FIELDS)

FIELDS is a non-profit organization committed to the advancement of Native American students founded in 2013 by Doyle and Pauline Anderson with its mission to cultivate Native American self reliance, leadership and prosperity.

FIELDS is a Native American owned and managed non-profit organization established by Doyle and Pauline Anderson in 2013, who have a deep appreciation and commitment for the advancement of Native American students. Energy Fuels became engaged with the organization more than 3 years ago and has since committed time and money to the group. The FIELDS’ mission is to serve as a catalyst in cultivating Native American self-reliance, leadership, and prosperity by facilitating Native American higher education and career success and building human capital for sustainable economic and community development.

The Foundation gives the organization monetary support while also offering experts from the White Mesa Mill who teach local teens STEM curriculum on a regular basis, demonstrating how STEM methods parallel work at the White Mesa Mill. We believe it’s critically important to inform and educate the youth of San Juan County and illustrate how a STEM education leads to good-paying, rewarding and important work. Energy Fuels and the San Juan County Clean Energy Foundation are engaged with FIELDS as it cultivates Native American self-reliance by building a bridge to academic success and to sustainable career employment in the regional economy. FIELDS significantly increases the effectiveness and impact of investments in Native American higher education success. Through its outreach to Native American students who have become disengaged from the educational process and to middle school and high school students, FIELDS engages a much larger pool of students in the higher education and career engagement system. By increasing Native American higher education and career success, FIELDS strengthens tribal nations, the economy and society.

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