Kigalia Fine Arts Programming Support

Kigalia Fine Arts is an organization that aspires to bring quality artistic programming to the Blanding and surrounding communities.

With the goal of exposing young people to a wide variety of artistic excellence, Kigalia Fine Arts has worked hard to provide arts opportunities for the Blanding community.

Because San Juan County is rural, more effort and coordination are required to organize arts programming. When the Utah Symphony originally came to the area, they were limited to a single performance. To share this experience with more students, Kigalia Fine Arts was able to use grant funding from the San Juan County Clean Energy Foundation to request an extra concert and provided buses to allow more students to attend.

The grant also allowed Utah Poet Laureate, Lisa Bickmore, to visit all the schools in San Juan County and encouraged more interest in poetry.

With the support of the San Juan County Clean Energy Foundation, Kigalia Fine Arts has been able to strengthen their operating budget to provide more regular opportunities for youth and community members to experience arts programming, exhibits, and cultural events.

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